Blind rivets are a very popular fastening solution in the truck and trailer industry. They are used in various parts of the manufacturing and repair process, including:

  • Truck and trailer body: blind rivets are commonly used in the fastening process of the exhaust and pipe system
  • Doors: when working on door assemblies, people often find themselves confronted with the problem of having single side access only. The right type of blind rivet can offer an optimal solution for this situation.
  • Interior: specialty blind rivets are used for work on the interior of the cab, such as parts of the truck’s dashboard.

The following drawing shows some of the possible areas of application:

  1. This is an example for an area where Standard or CUP blind rivets can be used. Depending on the exact application, rivets are available in aluminum, steel, or stainless.
  2. For the more heavy-duty applications on a trailer, we recommend the use of structural blind rivets. They offer a simple, strong, and reliable fastening option.
  3. Some applications might require a healthy mix of high strength and large blind-side footprint. This is where our semi-structural GO-BULB and GO-INOX are the prime choice.
  4. Some situations might require a large blind-side footprint but soft and brittle materials prevent us from using semi-structural rivets. In cases like this, our TRE-GO can offer the right solution.

We offer various solutions for all applications and stock all our blind rivets in Houston, TX. In working  with our partners to distribute them across the U.S. we do our best to cater to every industry.