Blind rivets offer a number of advantages over threaded bolts. They won’t loosen when subjected to vibration and can secure joints with short clamp length. They are the fastest way to join materials. They can be set at 150pcs to 500pcs per hour, and each setting is identical; this cuts assembly time and costs. Unlike threaded fasteners, there are no concerns over tool clearance, rotation failures, and secondary parts such as bolts and tapping plates, all of which add assembly time, weight, and cost.

Blind rivets are now used to assemble everything from small electronic components in cell phones to steel beams in the world’s largest bridges. They join different materials of varying thickness and can handle the most demanding environments. High-tech quality control delivers foolproof installation that lets only the correct rivets be installed the proper way in the accurate sized holes.

Here are some additional benefits:

  • Improved Product Design: As the rivets are installed from one side only, the need for access to both sides of work is eliminated. No more required space for tooling clearance, holding tools, and other “back side” fixture.
  • Improved Design Strength: The use of only a single, drilled or punched hole, filled effectively by an expandable, high shear strength rivet, offers a great increase in part design strength over screw/bolt with nut designs. Quicker Assembly: Blind riveting is faster than any other joining method. Automatic feeding can deliver and set as many as 50 rivets per minute. Automatic, multiple set systems are used in some areas to set as many as 20 rivets at a time.
  • Low-Cost, Lightweight, Easily Portable Tools – Manual or power tools are easy to take to the work place, reduce operator fatigue, and minimize capital expenditure.
  • Strong, Reliable Fastenings, Independent of Operator Skills – Blind rivets don’t torque out like threaded fasteners, wasting time and material. Correct setting pressure is predetermined by the breaking point designed into the mandrel. So you get uniformly strong, reliable fastenings the first time – all the time.
  • Vibration-Proof Assembly – Blind rivets won’t back out or vibrate loose and fall out like threaded fasteners. You eliminate costly recalls due to faulty fastenings.
  • No Surface Marring –  Setting tool won’t slip and mar polished or finely finished surfaces. No dents, dimpling, or wrench marks.
  • Versatility – Blind rivets hold securely in thin or thick, soft or hard materials, ideal for dissimilar materials, first choice for plastics and other easily damaged components.
  • High Grip Range and Joining Strengths –  A blind rivet draws parts together, even when a gap exists between parts.
  • Tamper-Proof –  Ideal for public transportation and other public facilities where tampering and vandalism are problems. Excellent for fastening limited-access panels; authorized personnel with correct equipment easily drill out blind rivets and replace in seconds.