Available in Aluminum, Steel, and Stainless Steel with diameters 3/16”, ¼”, and 3/8”. The GO-Lock is one of the most versatile and common style of structural rivets on the market today. Paired with the AirPower3 pneumatic tool, this combination proves efficiently robust for truck & trailer applications where the need for heavy-duty fasteners is required. Once the rivet is set the mandrel breaks flush with the setting head and the internal locking design ensures the mandrel is locked in place; this is ideal for high vibration applications.

The GO-Lock structural blind rivets are third party approved and inspected annually to maintain certification. Goebel Fasteners ensures all parts are tested in accordance to ISO 14589 and provides test reports upon request.

The key features of the GO-Lock are its interlocking design, strong vibration resistance, high shear and tensile values, as well as its large grip range for a variety of applications.