Goebel Fasteners provides quality at every turn; come see why our wing seals are 40% stronger. We will have a full hands on demo area at our Booth #4427 next week!

Quality, Strength, & Innovation. Goebel Fasteners, Inc. is driven to provide innovative solutions that withstand the test of time and conditions. With our partner BS Stainless, we now offer a wing seal design that installs just like the ones you have been using for years in the field of insulation, except that we made an improvement. Due to a new design, and after a thorough analysis in our testing lab; the results are that our “ECOSEAL” wing seals are 43% stronger than our leading competitor. Please reference the image  and you can see the data higher Von Mises stress which means the wing seal is more likely to fail. Ours is 90 compared to 159 from our competitor which we calculated at 43% difference. The images show the stresses on the wing seal and how they subsequently perform. Our “ECOSEAL” is slightly thinner but the innovative design features tested, the result is a product that is easy to install, competitively priced with superior performance.