What is a Structural Rivet?

Structural Rivets are prime choices for heavy-duty applications. They provide high strength, wide grip range, as well as an exceptional clamp force. They have a distinctive mechanical lock function that delivers 100% mandrel retention. Due to the fact that the mandrel is retained, structural rivets have an even greater shear strength versus semi-structural or specialty rivets.

Goebel offers the M-LOCK, GO-LOCK, H-LOCK, and PREMIUM.

The table below provides an overview of the different material compositions and references our catalog pages for detailed product information.

What are the Advantages of using Structural Rivets?

  • The M-LOCK is used in heavy-duty applications and requires a special nose piece. It has multi-grip capability, a visible lock, the mandrel mechanically locks into the body, and it performs extraordinarily well under vibration.
  • The GO-LOCK also provides a fully sealed joint that is vibration resistant. Apart from its high shear and tensile values, it also has a great hole fill capacity, compensating for irregular and oversized drill holes.
  • The H-LOCK and PREMIUM blind rivets have a smaller grip range compared to the M-LOCK and GO-LOCK but offer a larger blind side bearing area, spreading the load and preventing material deformation and cracks when working with brittle materials.

Areas of Application: Trains, truck & trailer, commercial vehicles, warehouse racking, and more. Generally speaking, Structural Rivets are the preferred fastening solution for heavy-duty applications.

Check out 40 – 54 of our product catalog for an overview of the various styles and grip ranges.

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