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GO-Lock Structural Interlocking Blind Rivet

Available in Aluminum, Steel, and Stainless Steel with diameters 3/16”, ¼”, and 3/8”. The GO-Lock is one of the most versatile and common style of structural rivets on the market today. Paired with the AirPower3 pneumatic tool, this combination proves efficiently robust for truck & trailer applications where the need for heavy-duty fasteners is required. Once the rivet is set the mandrel breaks flush with the setting head and the internal locking design ensures the mandrel is locked in place; this is ideal for high vibration applications.

New Riveting Tools by Goebel

Reliability is key when it comes to working with tools of any kind. Goebel tools set the bar high with consistent high performance paired with a robust and ergonomic design for a positive user experience. Our tools are intended to make any job easier for the user with design features that reduce fatigue on the body and promote longer use on the jobsite. The Goebel riveting tool family provides a solution for every application, with manual, cordless battery, as well as pneumatic tools available. Tool features promote safety, comfortable handling, as well as top quality craftsmanship for an all-around excellent feel of confidence when using them on the jobsite.

Corrosion Solutions

Corrosion is a serious threat to the industrial cost of business. The importance in using the correct quality of fasteners such as banding, screws, and/or blind rivets plays a decisive role. In the United States, stainless steel fittings are mainly used with AISI 410 martensitic stainless steel self-drilling screws paired with a conventional neoprene or EPDM washer. Due to the low PRE value 10-12, the occurrence of corrosion is significantly more probable. GOEBEL Group’s newly developed screws and sealing CUP rivets with HNBR sealing washer are made from high-quality Duplex AISI 318LN (PRE 36) as well as Stainless steel AISI316L (PRE 23-28). The technical difference of the newly developed blue HNBR / duplex sealing washer proves itself in the considerably higher temperature resistance of about -30C to +160C. The resistance to weathering and aggressive compounds versus neoprene/EPDM (UV Radiation, Ozone, Mineral Oils and Acidic Gases) is higher as well.

Goebel’s New G-Grip™ T304 Stainless Steel Lockbolt System

Goebel Fasteners has developed a patented new multi-grip lockbolt system made completely from T304 Stainless Steel. In applications where an extensive grip range is needed and a consistent flush pin break to the collar is favorable, the Goebel T304 Stainless Steel Lockbolt System is the new and improved standard in the market. Essentially the T304 Stainless Steel Lockbolt System’s extensive grip range and various sizes can replace up to 14 sizes of the classic 6-groove locking fastener system.