The new GO-300 addition to the GOEBEL cordless tool family offers modern features that provide advantageous benefits to the operator in all job-site applications. It is ergonomically designed for speed, efficiency, and versatility when setting threaded inserts. The cordless battery system allows the user to take the tool to any job-site and have free range of motion.

Performance is what we strived to provide with this tool therefore we added a pulling force adjustment which the user can set to L = low and H = high. The multi functional switch panel indicates the battery level as well as gives the user the option to adjust the stroke range easily depending on the size and grip range of the threaded insert. The tool set comes complete with battery, charger, interchangeable mandrel & anvils, wrench and operating manual; all stored together in a rugged carrying-case. The easy to identify colored mandrels allows the user to quickly reach for the correct threaded mandrel needed for the application.