The S-Lock high strength blind rivet features a double mandrel locking system, flush mandrel break, wide grip range and high connection stability. Even under dynamic pressure, the S-Lock high strength blind rivet remains tight. The rivet mandrel always breaks flush to the setting head, even with various material thicknesses if these are within the rivet‘s grip range. With a properly prepared pre-drilled hole, these rivets are splash-proof and dust-tight. During the setting process, the distinctive ring is drawn into the rivet body and retained inside. This builds a large closing head that ensures high tensile values. The S-Lock high strength blind rivet can be applied i.e. in vehicle manufacturing and car body construction, trailer and tank construction, in building industry as well as in automotive industry and general industry.



The high-strength blind rivet DUO-LOCK is characterized by its internal locking system, flush mandrel break-offs and high pull-out resistance. Even under dynamic stress, the high-strength blind rivet DUO-Lock retains a tight fit. The wide closing head support (bead) that is created during the setting process ensures ideal load distribution of the contact pressure and at the same time creates a strong connection with high pull-out resistance. Due to the high pull-out strength and the wide closing head support, the DUO-LOCK is ideal for applications with thin materials. Furthermore, a good hole reveal in combination with the excellent blind side strength help with oversized or misaligned holes. The DUO-LOCK‘s unique internal full circle lock (mechanical mandrel locking) offers maximum strength, providing a riveted joint with high vibration resistance. The interlocking mechanical pin lock over the entire clamping area ensures structural integrity regardless of the application.