What is a Peel Type “STAR” Rivet? Our Peel Type “STAR” Rivets are designed with an aluminum body and a steel zinc plated mandrel. The aluminum body protects the rivet from corrosion. The rivet gets its name from a special folding mechanism: when you install a STAR rivet, it folds into four separate legs, resembling a large, incandescent, luminous point in the night sky. What are the advantages of a Peel Type “STAR” Rivet? The special folding mechanism securely clamps two materials together. Our STAR rivets are produced specifically for work with brittle and soft materials. The four legs create a large blindside bearing surface, thereby significantly lowering the risk of the rivet breaking through or sinking in thin and soft materials. Areas of application: our STAR rivets are most commonly used when working with wood or plastic materials. Check out page 58 of our product catalog for an overview of the various styles and grip ranges. The following videos visualizes the setting process of a Peel Type “STAR” Rivet: Question: why didn’t the STAR laugh at the joke? Answer: it was too Sirius. Next week we will take a closer look at another type of blind rivet. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up to date on the latest developments at Goebel Fasteners, Inc.