AirPower 4 Pneumatic/Hydraulic Rivetnut Setting Tool

Goebel Ap4 Pneumatic/Hydraulic Rivetnut Setting Tool, M3 To M12, Sizes: M4, M5, M6, M8, Stud Sizes: M5, M6, M8, Item Code: 2244100004


Goebel AP4, Airpower 4, Pneumatic/Hydraulic Setting Tool For Blind Rivet Nuts And Bolts, Riveting Capacity For Blind Rivet Nuts: M3-M10, All Materials, M3-M12 (Aluminum/Steel), Weight: 3.53 lbs, L x H: 11.10″ X 10.63″, Includes Four Threaded Mandrels: M4-M8, Plus Threaded Three Sockets M5-M8, And a Service Wrench, Stroke: 0.28″, Pulling Force: 4204 (@87 psi), Working Air Pressure: 72.5 – 100 psi, Material: ABS, Item Code: 2244100004